Our journey began with creating fitness and yoga wear that contribute positively to the planet and the well-being of those crafting them. As our brand evolved, so did our range of products, prompting the exploration of new fibers and products. Subsequently, we’ve incorporated additional sustainable materials and recycled fabrics into our collections. Our clothing is worn by pole dancers and yogis all over the globe.

We use a mix of discontinued fabrics, (dead stock is a harsh word, I prefer alive stock or discontinued) regenerated nylon created by ECONYL® and upcycled vintage fabrics to create our collection.

Small batches and limited edition to keep it fresh and reduce waste.



Discarded fishing nets, commonly referred to as “ghost nets,” pose a significant threat to marine life, constituting a staggering 46% of all ocean plastic. While the conversation around reducing plastic straws is prevalent, there’s a more substantial risk to our oceans that deserves attention. It’s crucial to emphasize the lesser-known pollutant impacting our vast blue ecosystems, and this brings us to ECONYL®.

In recent years, ECONYL® has emerged as a prominent player in the realm of sustainable fashion, particularly in the domain of eco-friendly swimwear. Despite its growing popularity, many may be unfamiliar with ECONYL®, as we were before embarking on the journey to create Copper Bottom.

Developed by the Italian company Aquafil, ECONYL® stands out as a regenerated nylon crafted entirely from synthetic waste, encompassing both pre and post-consumer materials such as abandoned fishing nets, carpets, and industrial plastics. Remarkably, it matches the quality of virgin nylons while significantly reducing its environmental impact. For every 10,000 tonnes of ECONYL® raw material produced, the following positive outcomes are achieved:

  • Elimination of 12.6 thousand tonnes of waste
  • Preservation of 70,000 barrels of crude oil
  • Prevention of 42,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions

By collecting nylon waste from oceans and landfills to create a novel product that can be recycled repeatedly, we establish a closed-loop system that minimizes our ecological footprint. In essence, the utilization of ECONYL® empowers us to craft new products without depleting additional resources, embodying a sustainable approach to production.


SantaConstancia® (Brazil)

A lightweight, soft cotton-feel fabric, like a second skin, almost like being naked! Contains the Amni Soul Eco® fiber.

Established in São Paulo in 1948 by the Italian duo Gabriella and Michele Pascolato, Santaconstancia has been dedicated to incorporating cutting-edge technology into its products since its inception. This pioneering approach has driven the company to introduce bold innovations. Mrs. Gabriella’s keen aesthetic sense and business acumen have positioned the factory as a key player in the Brazilian fashion market. With a finely tuned blend of experience, technology, and commitment to quality, Santaconstancia has emerged as a leader in the innovation of knitted and flat fabrics.

Amni Soul Eco® ranks highly alongside the “intelligent yarns” which provide UV protection, antibacterial benefits, biodegradable properties, water management improvement, and more.