See inside the box

Transparency is at the center of our philosophy. Posto9 has never been a conventional company since we started in 2009. We have always operated at a socially conscious level, (before it became fashionable), and we have always put this before profit. Sounds crazy but we are still here and growing! For us, having a sustainable and ethical production line has always been our core value. After all we only have this planet.

Yes it has made our growth organic and slower since all profits are put back in the company to fund production. But we are totally independent from external investments and are self sustainable. We have never worked with large factories, instead focusing on local seamstresses and educating them to produce clothing to our standards. Sure it’s easier to work with big factories. But it’s the factory owner that keeps all the profit, often in countries where women’s rights are compromised. As we have eliminated this step, we ensure that our female colleagues in Brazil get paid directly and split the earnings as a collective. And you as a customer can be reassured that your product has been made ethically.

Our left over fabrics are made into scrunchies, and we also have a preloved program in place for your guys to resell your leggings. As we are a small company we don’t have our own recycling facility but are instead working with existing companies to make sure our left-over fabrics are recycled.


London and Ibiza production

The advantages of producing locally are obviously that we can turn production around at a much quicker pace, and eliminate lengthy sampling processes. Yes it’s more expensive to produce locally.


Since the start of the epidemic we are focusing on making face masks, plus creating our new pieces with fabrics from previous collections and introducing alternative pieces, all made locally in small batches in our London workshop as our other supply chains have been delayed. It’s our new way of working. Watch this space!

Rio de Janeiro production

One of the challenges we face is the lack of up to date digital technology where we produce in Brazil, and having to adapt to a very mechanical production line.

We chose to manufacture in Brazil because of the difficulty exporting the Brazilian made raw materials. We purchase the fabrics locally so that the transport is minimal to place of production.

The main challenge is transporting the finished products across the Atlantic. Our argument for this is that the fabrics are such great long lasting quality that it offsets the journey.

Once the garments are in the UK we want them to stay here, and we have therefore implemented a resale program to avoid any items being sent to charity shops and ending up in landfills, therefore extending the life of the garments.

Recycled Packaging

All our garment labels are printed on recycled paper. The bags our products are mailed in are recycled. The clear dust protection bags are compostable. No printed order confirmation is sent with order, it is available on our website, also the returns form.

Future initiatives

We are far from perfect and we know it. But endeavor to be transparent and authentic.

We firmly believe that more and more consumers are coming around to our way of thinking every day and we would like to see larger fashion brands held accountable for their un-ethical production methods and so called “green washing”.

It’s not just the fast-fashion brands that are the culprits. Celebrities who endorse or have their own brands have in their power to change the way they produce, yet nobody questions the fact that many of their products are made in countries that exploit workers and pay them peanuts.

As a customer you have the choice. Thank you from all of us