Yin yoga - not just for barefoot vegan warriors. By Rose Shaw

Yin yoga – not just for  barefoot vegan warriors. By Rose Shaw

More and more athletes and gym bunnies are incorporating it into their training programme to allow growth of bigger muscles, achieve definition, improve range of motion, joint health and proprioception.  Throw in better sleep, less stress, better body awareness, no flexibility required and what’s not to love?

So how does it work?  A yin yoga teacher guides you into postures where you remain for 3 – 5 minutes with the muscles switched off as much as  possible.

This muscular disengagement allows for myofascial release to begin; a similar process to a deep tissue massage – both accessing the body’s connective tissues to affect cellular change.

Our connective tissues divide and organise our entire body, they protect and connect us.  By stressing our connective tissues in yin yoga we promote positive changes and a healing response.

Think of these tissues as cling film wrapped around every structure.  If the cling film is tight through neglect or misuse we reach limits of movement quickly and ultimately the structure of the body can be pulled and deformed.

Keeping the fascial tissues healthy through yin yoga allows freedom of movement, ease of joints, boosts our collagen production and serotonin whilst lowering cortisol and adrenaline. The  benefits of this most modern yoga are indisputable.

It is often a mental struggle to be still, calm and soft in the yin poses, skills we can transfer off the yoga mat.

Find a yin yoga class and learn to ‘yindulge’ your body.

Rose Shaw, Posto9 brand support, yoga teacher and teacher trainer.

*Next yin yoga teacher training with Rose is September 2017, Liverpool



Yin Yoga - by Rose Shaw
Yin Yoga – by Rose Shaw

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