The story

Creating slow sustainable fashion since 2009

Since 2009 Posto9 is an inclusive, independent sustainable & ethical pole-wear brand that uniquely integrates performance wear with a high-fashion look.

This is the basis of Posto9. We believe there are more people like us, who care about who makes our garments, support a local production, who reject mass-market fast fashion brands that exploit people for profit, use green washing, and pollute our planet.

Posto9 is an independent ethical athletic-wear brand that uniquely integrates performance wear with a high-fashion look.

Cut to complement. Engineered to support

Premium Quality fabrics that are Sweat-wicking, Lightweight, Opaque, Anti-Bacterial, Odour-Free, Colourfast and UV-Proof

Designed in London. Made with love in Ibiza.

Our Story

My name is Elin and I started Posto9 in 2013. I was enjoying an afternoon at the beach in Rio de Janeiro, watching at all the women running and walking along the gorgeous beach front, clad in the most amazing colorful lycra. After finishing my sunset caipirinha I thought, why can’t we have this in the UK? And not just an import export version, but having our own manufacturing, adapting the styles to European tastes.

Blame it on the Caipirinha, but this is how the idea of Posto9 was born.

So I started researching fabrics, talking to manufacturers, and realized quite quickly that the way I wanted to do things was the (hard) ethical way. Not interested in large factories, I sourced groups of women that were really good seamstresses and had their own machinery in the living room, making school uniforms. After a few trials, we finally managed to get a high standard legging that is now part of our core collection.

Fast forward 5 years, and we now have a solid ethical production chain. I divide my time between London, and Ibiza, where I run my sustainable swimwear brand

Read more about sustainability here. And if you have any suggestions on how we can improve, feel free to drop an email to